Friday, October 9, 2009

Tell me what you think...

My friend Kevin forwarded me a Quote of the Day that had been a comment left in regards to the article I am now commenting on. After having read the QOTD, I scrolled up and read the article it was in response to. Having done so, I now feel obliged to comment myself (aren’t blogs a wonderful thing?).

The article is in regard to an individual who, frankly put, is a major asshole. That being said… I also think he may be right in some aspects. It turns out the guy is self-made. Having worked for his father at a cafeteria, he put himself through law school and also served in the Marines. He now resides in a posh gated community with, as you would expect in a gated community, many other rich people.

It also turns out that he is not a fan of “poor people”, children and libraries. In all fairness, I would say he would just prefer them located where he doesn’t have to interact with them verses having them completely annihilated as a whole, but I dare not speak for the man else fall to his verbal wrath as well. In the end, I raise this question…

Is he wrong?

He has worked hard (presumably) to earn his fortune and chose a home in a location where those of equal status and mind can surround him. He has done what he can to stay away from those he prefers not to associate with, and has voiced his opinion publicly in the attempt to maintain the surrounding he has chosen. While we as a society frown on those not so tolerant, I ask again… is he wrong? Does working hard to achieve the American Dream… Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness… has he earned the right to be a prick?


  1. Wesley Snipes had a line in Demolition Man: "You can't take away people's rights to be a$$holes."

    Or something to that effect.

    To enjoy real freedom, you have to respect the right of others to be a$$holes.

  2. Bill,
    Of course, he is obviously wrong. As one commentor said, what a miserable excuse for a human being. However, he is entitled to do what he wants, to associate with those he wants, and to not associate with others. Oh well.