Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sweet Surrender...

Well, here it is... another week and I still haven't posted anything new and all the topics I am currently researching seem to be taking far longer than expected. it is hell to realize that at 35 you know so little about the world than what you thought you knew. But then, better late than never, right? Then again, ignorance was such sweet bliss.

Any who... since I don't have anything of major significance to report today, I figured I would at least provide a little eye candy. Between the post I did several weeks ago in response to a piece by Mostly Cajun and this post, some of you may think that I am all about the sexy pics... well, I am male. Need I say more?

As probably many of you are aware, China recently celebrated it's 60th Anniversary. While China has been around for thousands of years, the anniversary is marking their cultural revolution and the countries transformation into a modern and formal society. One of the many things the Chinese do to celebrate this anniversary is to have huge parades. The military, being one of the central components of the new China, often takes center stage of these parades. Here are some of the pictures I downloaded showing off the military at it's finest.

All I have to say is... if I was in a military unit and was suddenly face to face with a brigade of the gals in the pink... I would wave the white flag and beg to be interrogated by each and every one of them... personally! Talk about your POWs (ha).

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