Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Moment of Silence...

Even back in 1890, those that were paying attention were recognizing the Democratic Party’s ideals as something to fear. So much so that 2nd Liut. Col. N. Grigsby chose to get the final word in by having a statement to such inscribed upon his tombstone. He even made it a clause in his will that before any of his kin could inherit his estate that the inscription must be in place... naturally it was etched in stone immediately.

It also seems the New York Times picked up this story as well. However, rather than showing the photographs they chose to run a verbal "quote" of what had been etched in Liut. Co. Grigsby's tombstone. One small problem, they got it wrong! I thought a quote meant you gave the statement as you found it... not how you wanted it to be or how you felt it would least offend your readers... guess I was wrong about that too. Check out the NY Times version here. (Thanks Kevin for finding that for me.)

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  1. Well, it's a quote alright, just an incomplete quote... normal stuff for the Times... False but accurate, right?