Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dial 1 for Funny!!!

Once again I find myself with a much larger piece that I want to write and not much time to write it. And rather than abuse my latest Asianology 101 theme, I figured I would throw out a little more humor.

Received this from a friend and thought you might enjoy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Asianology 101...

Well, as my dear friend Kevin continues to remind me, the first rule of blogging is to post often. I am very guilty of breaking that rule, I will spare you the excuses. So... in the spirit of Blogger's Rule #1, I have decided to combine 2 of my passions... blogging and my love of Asian women. Yes... I contracted the 'yellow fever' (I am sure this is no longer politically correct, but I don't care) many years ago. My level of fever extends to the point that I married a wonderful Chinese woman (not the woman below... sigh) nearly 2 years ago. We met online and a year later she immigrated to the US and became my wife, but back to my passion (just kidding sweetie...). I have always found the modeling photos of Asian women to be outstandingly beautiful. To the point I have amassed a large collection of such images. So... like my friend Kevin and his 'Moments of Zen'... I proudly introduce - Asianology 101. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Moment of Silence...

Even back in 1890, those that were paying attention were recognizing the Democratic Party’s ideals as something to fear. So much so that 2nd Liut. Col. N. Grigsby chose to get the final word in by having a statement to such inscribed upon his tombstone. He even made it a clause in his will that before any of his kin could inherit his estate that the inscription must be in place... naturally it was etched in stone immediately.

It also seems the New York Times picked up this story as well. However, rather than showing the photographs they chose to run a verbal "quote" of what had been etched in Liut. Co. Grigsby's tombstone. One small problem, they got it wrong! I thought a quote meant you gave the statement as you found it... not how you wanted it to be or how you felt it would least offend your readers... guess I was wrong about that too. Check out the NY Times version here. (Thanks Kevin for finding that for me.)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Tell me what you think...

My friend Kevin forwarded me a Quote of the Day that had been a comment left in regards to the article I am now commenting on. After having read the QOTD, I scrolled up and read the article it was in response to. Having done so, I now feel obliged to comment myself (aren’t blogs a wonderful thing?).

The article is in regard to an individual who, frankly put, is a major asshole. That being said… I also think he may be right in some aspects. It turns out the guy is self-made. Having worked for his father at a cafeteria, he put himself through law school and also served in the Marines. He now resides in a posh gated community with, as you would expect in a gated community, many other rich people.

It also turns out that he is not a fan of “poor people”, children and libraries. In all fairness, I would say he would just prefer them located where he doesn’t have to interact with them verses having them completely annihilated as a whole, but I dare not speak for the man else fall to his verbal wrath as well. In the end, I raise this question…

Is he wrong?

He has worked hard (presumably) to earn his fortune and chose a home in a location where those of equal status and mind can surround him. He has done what he can to stay away from those he prefers not to associate with, and has voiced his opinion publicly in the attempt to maintain the surrounding he has chosen. While we as a society frown on those not so tolerant, I ask again… is he wrong? Does working hard to achieve the American Dream… Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness… has he earned the right to be a prick?

The One... and only...

It is a sad day in world history. I remember a time when the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded for great accomplishments. Today it is awarded to anyone with hope and a desire for change. I thought the ‘Peace’ Prize was something awarded for great efforts in the strive for… well… peace! And I thought it was to memorialize the achievement in obtaining peace, even if those efforts are still on going. But obviously those beliefs have long been shattered and are slowly being replaced with the possibility that I too might one day win a Nobel Peace Prize.

You see… it has been a long-standing dream of mine to free all living creatures of the planet earth from the ruthless and demoralizing enslavement this planet has persecuted upon them for so long. I shall free the fish from the sea, the birds from the air and the ground dwellers from… well… the ground. How will I accomplish such a marvelous gesture you ask? I shall destroy the planet earth so all will be free of it’s bonds upon us. We will be free to float throughout the cosmos with no more cares or concerns of a toxic atmosphere or contaminated waterways. There will be no more worries of what poisons have been placed into the soil or just how many trees still remain after the deforestation and wild fires. We the people of the former planet earth, as well as all living creatures on it, will be free for all time. Together we can achieve this dream. With hope for a free future we can make these changes a reality…

Anyone buying this yet?

If not, here are my top three quotes from “Instapundit” on the audacity of “The One” receiving the Nobel Peace Prize:

1) “It’s a peace prize, not a peace peace prize.”

2) “How do you say ‘jump the shark’ in Norwegian?”

and finally….

3) “Let’s be fair…. He did pull off the Beer Summit.”

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sweet Surrender...

Well, here it is... another week and I still haven't posted anything new and all the topics I am currently researching seem to be taking far longer than expected. it is hell to realize that at 35 you know so little about the world than what you thought you knew. But then, better late than never, right? Then again, ignorance was such sweet bliss.

Any who... since I don't have anything of major significance to report today, I figured I would at least provide a little eye candy. Between the post I did several weeks ago in response to a piece by Mostly Cajun and this post, some of you may think that I am all about the sexy pics... well, I am male. Need I say more?

As probably many of you are aware, China recently celebrated it's 60th Anniversary. While China has been around for thousands of years, the anniversary is marking their cultural revolution and the countries transformation into a modern and formal society. One of the many things the Chinese do to celebrate this anniversary is to have huge parades. The military, being one of the central components of the new China, often takes center stage of these parades. Here are some of the pictures I downloaded showing off the military at it's finest.

All I have to say is... if I was in a military unit and was suddenly face to face with a brigade of the gals in the pink... I would wave the white flag and beg to be interrogated by each and every one of them... personally! Talk about your POWs (ha).