Friday, October 9, 2009

The One... and only...

It is a sad day in world history. I remember a time when the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded for great accomplishments. Today it is awarded to anyone with hope and a desire for change. I thought the ‘Peace’ Prize was something awarded for great efforts in the strive for… well… peace! And I thought it was to memorialize the achievement in obtaining peace, even if those efforts are still on going. But obviously those beliefs have long been shattered and are slowly being replaced with the possibility that I too might one day win a Nobel Peace Prize.

You see… it has been a long-standing dream of mine to free all living creatures of the planet earth from the ruthless and demoralizing enslavement this planet has persecuted upon them for so long. I shall free the fish from the sea, the birds from the air and the ground dwellers from… well… the ground. How will I accomplish such a marvelous gesture you ask? I shall destroy the planet earth so all will be free of it’s bonds upon us. We will be free to float throughout the cosmos with no more cares or concerns of a toxic atmosphere or contaminated waterways. There will be no more worries of what poisons have been placed into the soil or just how many trees still remain after the deforestation and wild fires. We the people of the former planet earth, as well as all living creatures on it, will be free for all time. Together we can achieve this dream. With hope for a free future we can make these changes a reality…

Anyone buying this yet?

If not, here are my top three quotes from “Instapundit” on the audacity of “The One” receiving the Nobel Peace Prize:

1) “It’s a peace prize, not a peace peace prize.”

2) “How do you say ‘jump the shark’ in Norwegian?”

and finally….

3) “Let’s be fair…. He did pull off the Beer Summit.”

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  1. Do you really want to be in the same company as Yassar?