Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Asianology 101...

Well, as my dear friend Kevin continues to remind me, the first rule of blogging is to post often. I am very guilty of breaking that rule, I will spare you the excuses. So... in the spirit of Blogger's Rule #1, I have decided to combine 2 of my passions... blogging and my love of Asian women. Yes... I contracted the 'yellow fever' (I am sure this is no longer politically correct, but I don't care) many years ago. My level of fever extends to the point that I married a wonderful Chinese woman (not the woman below... sigh) nearly 2 years ago. We met online and a year later she immigrated to the US and became my wife, but back to my passion (just kidding sweetie...). I have always found the modeling photos of Asian women to be outstandingly beautiful. To the point I have amassed a large collection of such images. So... like my friend Kevin and his 'Moments of Zen'... I proudly introduce - Asianology 101. Enjoy!

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