Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Comics vs Government

If you were not already aware, I am a huge fan of the thrice weekly online comic Vexxarr. For those not familiar with the cartoon, Vexxarr is a mis-guided alien from the Bleen race. The Bleen are galactic conquerors, and had sent Vexxarr to Earth to conquer the humans... only, he failed miserably. Not only did he fail to conquer, he also surrendered all his technologies to the humans and was then released. Due to his massive failure, the Bleen have chosen to hunt him down and kill him. Vexxarr was originally accompanied by Minion Bot, a robotic assistant (I use that term loosely) and his ship's AI system Carl. Once released from the humans, Vexxarr finds himself running and hiding from the Bleen in various locations. Along his way he picks up several other counterparts... Sploorfix (the purple 3-eyed creature) and SID (the blue one) [both pictured below]. Sploorfix and SID are discussing Vexxarr's latest plan to attack the Bleen in a round about way by impersonating a rival species and thus creating a war between the two races. By doing so, he figures the majority of the Bleen will be killed and during which time he will be able to escape to somewhere well off the radar of the Bleen. Sploorfix was initially opposed to the idea, as it meant starting a war in which millions of innocents will be killed. Being of a kind-hearted species, Sploorfix would rather talk first and possibly be killed rather than wage violence against anyone, even if deserving or in self defense. However, while facing utter frustration of the situation Sploorfix turns to his blog and begins to vent.... to the point he comes to the initial conclusion that "I want to just kill them all" (the proverbial light bulb above his eye stalks begins to glow). Now understanding the situation, Sploorfix is forced to console himself that there is no good decision... but rather only the best of many bad choices available. A lesser of two evils as it were. He discusses with SID about the realization below. I couldn't help but equate this conversation to other conversations I have heard about our own US government and what may have already happen to the citizens of the US.

If you want to check out Vexxarr for all the veiled comedy you can handle, or check out Hunter Cressall's site to see more of what the man behind the cartoon does. If you have time, check out the Vexxarr archives. I have actually gone to the beginning (originally began in B&W, shortly later became color) and worked to present and I must say... absolutely fantastic! Brava Hunter Cressall, Brava!

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