Monday, September 14, 2009

Late Again...

Hello to all... to all... to all... (note the echo in the room). I swear I can almost hear the digital crickets chirping.

Again my apologies to those that actually looked to my blog for a post and never found one. I had promised a post due by a week ago and here I find myself a week behind and still no post. For those that have started to read my blog (if you still come by to read), you will note that I tend to wax a bit on any subject I write about. My complains that I like to talk to much... go figure. I guess I feel I have a lot to say, and especially on a subject that I feel any sort of passion for I tend to go on more than I should. I think that I have been trying to say to much about too many things recently. I have several major posts I have been working on piece by piece, but I never seem to complete them and get them posted... mainly because I feel they are still incomplete. That being said, I think this post shall be a small taste of the various subjects I am currently researching and writing about... and will eventually complete and post. Until then, these one-paragraph highlights will leave room for comments, questions and further dialog on the development of said subjects.

Where Has All The Money Gone? - This particular post idea came when I started thinking further about the bailouts and when I watched a trailer for the upcoming Michael Moore film "Capitalism: A Love Story". There is a seen in which he approaches on of the major recipients of government bail-out funds with a money sack looking for them to return the 10 billion they received and commenting that they would probably need more sacks as it probably wouldn't all fit in one. Laughingly I thought to myself that obviously they would never give him the money, and definitely not in cash. If anything it would be a check and even then... it probably would most likely be a wire transfer. But then this got me thinking... how did the government give the stimulus money to these various businesses in the first place? It was doubtful there was a check of any kind... it all had to be electronic. Which made me start to thinking about where all the money had gone. And even if you had cold, hard cash... what made it worth anything to begin with? Our dollars used to follow the gold standard and were backed by a physical commodity, but that long since has gone away. Now the dollar bill is only worth what a digital computer printout says it is worth. If I had a million dollars in my local bank account, would I be able to go down and close that account and be handed cash? I doubt it... it would probably be a check. And why? Because the bank doesn't have it. I am willing to bet that the majority of actual cash is in the pockets of most Americans or in the registers and safes of many of the daily businesses we patronize. As for the banks and the financial institutions... all they own are 1's and 0's in a computer system that says they have so much. Which leads me to ask... Where has all the money gone?

Capitalism vs Communism vs Anarchy vs etc. - For this post, I have been reviewing the various government designs... and discovering they are not all that different. I know some of you would completely disagree, but in reality... well, do the research. The idea came from one of Kevin's posts in which he was talking about "Restoring the Lost Constitution". He had also references various other blogs discussing the idea as well, all of which raised two primary thoughts... 1) is it possible to restore the constitution able to be restored? and 2) was the original constitution flawed and thus the results we have are what would only repeat? The later was really my primary inspiration. I got to thinking that, while our constitution does lay out the ground work for a republic, in fact all government doctrines whether they be capitalistic or communist, are actually a form of anarchy to some degree. While anarchy would say that no organised government would rule the society and that society would rule itself... in fact, is that not what the constitution outlines? We the people... a government for the people by the people.... yes... it is an organised governing body, but one of the people. Also... one of the flaws that even I have pointed out to a former friend about anarchy is that it requires all the members of the society to think the same to a certain degree, else be cast out of that society... well, doesn't the Constitution ask the same? Does it not ask that all the people that follow that document to agree to the same common governing concept?

Former Friend Ronn Redux - As for some of you, you may have already read a posting I wrote a while back... The Price of Your Beliefs. In this post I discussed a difference of opinion between a friend of mine, Ronn, and I. I had copied both mine and his emails back and forth, all with the intent of giving Ronn a fair shake in his arguments. Well... needless to say, Ronn was less than appreciative. We have exchanged several more emails, but to no avail. He refuses to explain his stance politically and seems only intent on continuing the ridicule of my new found conservatism. He has even threatened legal action for having posted his emails. I had originally planned to post the following emails, again with the interest in giving Ronn his fair shake... wouldn't want to be accused of paraphrasing his position, but then I thought paraphrasing might actually be more fun. Hopefully, when read in conjunction with the first posting, you will understand my paraphrasing in know way diminishes his position and/or comments. As a final note, I think that Ronn and I most likely will not be seeing each other again... Ronn, old buddy... if you are out there, consider this a fond farewell. Hope you find more happiness on the other side!

AS you can see... I seem to lack the ability to keep it short. But now at least, you have a taste of what is brewing in posts to come. Hope to hear from some of you on the listed subjects, perhaps some further references and links to aid in the development of these posts would be nice. Hope to have one of them up by next weekend at the latest... but I think it safer if I not make that a promise this time. Keep reading and checking back from time to time... will try to get more up in the near future.

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