Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Coming Soon....

Hello to all, and again my deepest apologies for not keeping up with my blogging responsibilities. Much like Kevin, I too have been busy. For all those that had come to read my posts, please keep checking. I promise more very soon... in fact, have 4 separate pieces in the process now.

I hope this weekend I will get the first one up. For those that have read before, I am in the process of loosing a "friend" to the fact I have taken on a new conservative outlook on the world. We have exchanged several more emails, and it looks as if the writing is on the wall... not only is he an Anarchist, but also was never a "real friend". To the point he has even threaten legal action of having posted our emails in one of my past articles.

Also, I am working on one regarding the financial market of today. Namely, where did the money go and how is it backed? All we see now for the most part is numbers on a computer screen or a piece of paper. The cash we might actually hold means what exactly? It's value continues to decline as more and more is printed, and what gives it it's value to begin with... it used to be the gold reserves, but I am not even sure those still exist any more.

Finally, as some of you who have browsed my entire history (all be it short) will have noticed some "reviews". My initial concept for this blog was to be a shared space for both political comments and rants as well as my restaurant and film reviews. I have come to realise that these things have absolutely no business being in the same archive. I am in process of creating 2 additional blogs that will be dedicated to the other two subjects. I will be adding links to them on this sight as well, but this will become purely a political discussion sight. It may only see a posting a week until my schedule frees up a bit more, but at least it will be dedicated to the single subject. I didn't feel it fair that someone wanting to read a piece on... say... the invasion of Marxism into our schools during the middle part of the last century (see Kevin's last post) needed to sift through my local restaurant and film reviews. However, for those of you planing to travel to Tucson, AZ... the restaurant reviews may be a good thing to check out. My wife and I have pretty high standards and speak fairly about the places we go.

Until the next post...


  1. Well, I look forward to said posts ...

  2. Do the phrases "not only is he an Anarchist" and "To the point he has even threatened legal action" somehow seem somewhat mutually exclusive to you?