Sunday, August 9, 2009

My First Review...

Hello again my friends, and thank you for your warm reception. There is actually something liberating about having a location where I can speak my mind and fully express myself without constraint. I think I am going to love it here.

My first post was one tackling mortgages with our good friends at Bank of America. They have really rubbed me the wrong way, and I can all but promise that my first posting will not be the last on the matter. But, as the title of my blog states, this is also a site for my reviews. I figure I should live up to the title... I gave you a rant, now here is my first review.

El Super:

I live in Tucson, AZ which is all of 80 miles North of the Mexican boarder. What this means is that our fair city has a high population of Hispanics. If you love good Mexican food, then this is some good news for you. The South side of Tucson has the highest population of Hispanics in the city, which also means it is where most of the great Mexican restaurants and markets are located.

El Super, while tailored toward a Hispanic crowd, is still a full service grocery. In particular, they have one of the best produce departments I have ever seen. The food is fresh and the prices are exceptional. And when I say exceptional, I am talking 7 lbs of Cantaloupe for $0.99 and 6 Cucumber for $0.99 exceptional. The produce is clean and fresh, and the quantities are plentiful (not like there are 3 good melons and the rest are crap... they are all good).

The meat counter is also a bit overwhelming. First they have about 25 feet worth of seafood... fresh previously frozen shrimp 20-30 count for $3.99 a pound and previously frozen blue crabs (whole, waiting to be steamed) for $2.99 a pound. Not to mention octopus, squid and about 10 different selections of fish (both fresh and salt water varieties). The counter continues for about another 150 feet after that. It starts with Poultry... whole chickens, half of chickens, breasts, thighs, legs, etc. It then moves on to pork, and finally beef. For those of you looking for the finer delicacies such as Pig's Feet, Pig's Snout and/or Pig's Ear... they have all of them. They have prepared meets for Carne Asada (a seasoned and grilled beef dish), fresh pork chorizo and even cow's stomach for those wanting to make fresh manudo (can't even begin to describe it, look it up on google). If you are looking for some of the nicer cuts of beef or pork, you probably are not going to find it.... no T-bones, Rib-eyes or New York Strips... just lots of roasts, ribs and flank.

If you plan to make Tamales, you can get your prepared or unprepared maza here.... prepared is only $0.89 a pound. They also bake fresh Egg Bread by the hundreds here. While shopping, they wheeled out a rack of about 400 freshly baked egg bread rolls and unloaded them into their bin. You would have thought there was blood in the water and 50 sharks heading into a frenzy.... people swarmed the bin and began bagging as fast as they can. Steam was fogging up the Plexiglas doors to the bin and the aroma of fresh bread made even my mouth water.

There are plenty of regular day essentials... your cup-o-noodles (always 3 for $0.99), 24 pack Dissani bottled water for $3.99 (every day low price), and Lucerine brand milk just $1.97 a gallon. There was a separate counter for the Queso Fresco (fresh cheese), Salsa and deli meets as well. My wife and I have all but decided to forgo our normal shopping routine in favor of a once a week visit to El Super. It is fantastic!

While I know the Internet will allow many of you to visit from around the globe... for those locals to Tucson (yes, I mean you Kevin)... then you really need to check this place out. It is directly off the freeway at I-10 and 6th Ave. It has a bright orange top to the building and you simply can not miss it. If you want further instructions on how to get here, will be happy to assist if requested. Enjoy all... as for my wife and I, it is our new place to food shop.

Post Script:

While this site is truly meant for the Film and Restaurant reviews... I figured I needed to get my feet wet with a review of some kind. Especially after I opened with a Rant on BofA. Keep checking in, as my wife and I are headed to the movies tomorrow. Will be posting at least one movie review by no later than Monday. Enjoy your weekend all!

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